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  • June 14 - Birth of son Kook Jin Moon.[1]
  • October 1 - 777-Couple Blessing.

  • Start of "God Bless America Festivals" (1972-1976).
  • First conference of the International Conference on the Unity of Sciences, founded in 1968.
  • Founding of the Unification Thought Institute. Unification Thought is a philosophy that comprises Rev. Moon's basic teachings.[2]

Unification Thought Institute was founded in 1972, conducting international seminars seeking basic solutions to the philosophical issues at the root of the chaos in modern society. Unification Thought, a philosophy that encapsulates Rev. Moon's basic teachings, provides keys through which traditional religions, philosophies, and cultures can be harmonized

  • Founding of the Professors World Peace Academy.[3]

  • Teams of missionaries with members from Japan, the United States and Europe are sent to 120 new mission countries.
  • Founding of the International Relief and Friendship Foundation (IRRF), to provide humanitarian relief.[4]
  • Founding of the Sekai Nippo, Japanese daily newspaper.[5]
  • Founding of the Unification Theological Seminary, Barrytown, New York.[6]
  • January 20 - Birth of son Kwon Jin.
  • February 8 - 1800-Couple Blessing.

  • June 15 - Birth of daughter Sun Jin.

  • Establishment of the Isshin Hospital in Japan, integrating Oriental and Western medicine.[7]
  • Founding of the World Media Association, an international forum for media professionals and opinion leaders.
  • May 17 - Birth of son Young Jin.
  • May 21 - 118-Couple Blessing in London.

  • August 6 - Birth of son Hyung Jin.[8]

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