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Korean UC members(60 C)

Yang, Chang Shik
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Date of birth 1953 - July - 28
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Nationality South Korean
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Is Yun Yong Yang the mother of Chang Shik Yang? At the Christian university (Ehwa), the president of the university, President Kim, was very perplexed at what kind of religion could draw 800 of his students. He sent some professors to go find out what kind of place it was. There were six [professors sent]. Yun Yong Yang was one of the professors. She was also very moved by what Father had to say. She said "This is not a regular message. This is from God. Now I understand why our students are going to the Unification Church." She told the president of the college, "All of us need to go this way -- follow the Unification Church." The president of the college was worried that if the whole Korean country became Unificationist, they wouldn't receive any support from Christian United States any more. He sent some more of his best professors -- Chung Hwa Han, Won Bok Choi, Jung Ho Lee. Every one of them came back to him and said, "You need to believe what this man is teaching." He took out his last hidden card. He had a professor whom he had raised as his student and then who had studied in America and had come back -- Young Oon Kim. He sent this professor to hear Father. 2009 December 19 - Tparents.org - Jin Hung Yong - Seven Deaths and Resurrections

Son of the concubine? Could Dr. Chang Shik Yang be the Concubine Son inheritor? Moon’s 1st from 1946 comes from the wife Yun-yeong Yang - the Concubine who mothered Dr. Yang. Joy Pople has some interest in this “concubine doctrine” and she has worked directly under Dr. Yang for many years. Ms. Yang had sex with Moon in 1952 and/or 1953 in Pusan. That is when Dr. Yang was conceived. Dr. Yang will not reveal himself as the inheritor, perhaps until Hak Ja Han has passed away. Dr. Seuk as a “step” concubine son will most likely be in the John the Baptist position to testify to Dr. Yang. You will notice that in Moon’s last couple of years, that only he, his wife (Hak Ja Han), and Dr. Yang would be sitting at the same table. Nobody else.*2018 March 18 - What is on the Moon - Chang Shik Yang - the true inheritor?

An Open Call for the Resignations of Chang Shik Yang and Joshua Cotter Regarding In Jin's multi-year deception and hypocrisy you (Chang Shik Yang and Joshua Cotter) either knew of her adulterous affair while leading the American church movement or you did not. If you knew and did nothing to inform the general membership, then by your inaction you betrayed the trust of the movement members and co-conspired to further the deception and hypocrisy, while reasonably discrediting the movement in the eyes of clergy and political supporters. If while working closely with In Jin over the past few years you did not know of her adultery and leadership deception, then this is reasonable evidence of your incompetence and you should be removed for lack of ability.*Facebook - 2012 September 18 - Ron Barrett

Inauguration Ceremony for Dr. Chang Shik Yang as the President of FFWPU-Korea Dr. Chang Shik Yang was born on July 28, 1953 in Ham Pyung Jeonnam, Korea. He joined the movement on July 4, 1971 at Ham Pyung. His spiritual parent is Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Yu. (Wife of Rev. Hyo Won Yu). On October 14, 1982 he was blessed to Gum Sook Ahn through the 6000 blessing. Between them they have three sons and six daughters. Dr. Yang attained a Bachelors of Art in Philosophy at Korea University in Seoul, Korea and a Masters of Divinity at a Methodist seminary in Korea. Dr. Yang received a Master of Religious Education degree at the Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown, NY, followed by a Doctor of Ministry from the New York Theological Seminary. He also served as a professor of Sun Moon University in Cheonan, Korea. He was awarded an honorary PhD by the Sun Moon University. In Korea Dr. Yang served as a church leader in Jinsan and Yeongi, and as a regional leader in Gyeongnam and Jongro. During the 1980s, Dr. Yang was one of the founding members of the International Christian Student Association (ICSA), an organization dedicated to promoting inter-religious harmony. In August 1994 he went to America and served as the church leader in New York, regional leader of Washington and Continental Director of North America. Dr. Yang is also chairman of the American Family Coalition (AFC), the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), the University of Bridgeport, and the Unification Theological Seminary. Additionally, he chairs the New Yorker Hotel Management Company and True World Group.*Tparents.org - 2008 May 26 - Inauguration Ceremony for Dr. Chang Shik Yang as the President of FFWPU-Korea

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