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Here is given a timeline of the life of Sun Myung Moon. It also includes main events of the history of the Unification Church.
This list serves as a starting point for doing research about the life of Sun Myung Moon.
Dates are giving according to the solar calendar. Some dates are only available in the lunar calendar. If this is the case, this is mentioned in the text.[1]

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1958 First missionaries are sent to Japan.

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1970-OCT-21 777 couples blessing ceremony.

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19 July 2008

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han and three of their young grandchildren, together with 10 Unification Church members and three crew members survived a helicopter crash near the Cheongpyeong Peace Palace. They were returning from a meeting in Seoul when the helicopter encountered a fog bank as it approached the heliport. When the pilot attempted to take the craft up and out of the pitch darkness, the helicopter tail struck a tall tree, causing it to plow through the woods at treetop level for a hundred and fifty yards. It finally hit a large tree and crashed in a muddy wooded area near a small stream. An urgent effort to escape the already burning helicopter ensued. Two security staff lifted Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han through the hatch, which was still accessible. The grandchildren next were lifted up through the same exit. The remaining members then exited and everyone sought cover. Twenty minutes after the crash landing, the helicopter exploded. Remarkably no one was seriously injured.

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