Moon, Hyung Jin

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Descendants of SMM & HJH(16 C, 2 P)

Moon, Hyung Jin
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Number 20
Full name Moon, Hyung Jin
Other names Moon, Sean
Date of birth 1979 - September - 26
Date of death
Nationality South Korean
Short biography Hyung Jin Moon is the youngest son of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han.


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Portrait of Hyung Jin Moon and Yeon Ah Lee.[1]

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Yeon Ah Lee and Hyung Jin Moon bowing in front of picture of Sun Myung Moon at the time of his funeral on 26 September 2012.


  • 1999 - Hyung Jin Moon at the wedding of Hyo Jin Moon and Yeon Ah Choipr175
  • 2012 10 02 - Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld attending the 30th Anniversary of the Washington Times Gala in Washington D.C. pr222
  • 2014 - Presidents of the HSA-UWC of USApr195

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