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  • Started study at the technical high school of Waseda University in Tokyo. He took the name Emoto Ryumei while studying in Tokyo. Among his friends were Christians and communists. He met Korean students who supported the independence movement and the exiled Korean government. He studied the Bible. He disciplined himself to endure physical challenges.[1]
  • Hak Ja Han, Moon's future wife, was born in North Korea.
  • He returned to Korea and married Sunkil Choi in November, in a marriage arranged by the couple's parents.
  • He and his bride moved to Heukseok-dong, Seoul and he took up work as an electrical engineer.[1]
  • Arrested on suspicion of being a communist because of his communist friends in Japan. He was released after a few weeks of torture.[1]
  • After World War II and the Japanese occupation ended in 1945, Moon began preaching his message.[2]
  • August 15 - Japan surrendered to the Allies making Korea free of Japanese rule after nearly 40 years. Moon marks this day as the beginning of his public ministry.[1]
  • March 1 - Birth of son Sung Jin
  • June 6 - He leaves his wife and infant son going to Pyongyang, North Korea, teaches there and holds prayer services.
  • Moon was arrested on allegations of spying for South Korea and given a five-year sentence to the Hŭngnam labor camp.
  • Arrested again and sentenced to five years in a communist labor camp, Heungnam labor camp.

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