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  • Founding of CAUSA, part of an effort to combat communism. CAUSA worked primarily in Central and South America.[1]
  • Proposal of the International Highway Project. The highway is to link all corners of the world, including a Bering Strait Tunnel and a tunnel to connect Japan with Korea.[2]
  • Founding of Ultimas Noticias, Spanish language daily newspaper published in Uruguay.[3]
  • Start of Paragon House Publishers, a publishing program for ICUS scholars.[4]
  • January 3 - Birth of daughter Yeon Jin.
  • Founding of The Washington Times newspaper[5]
  • Moon is sentenced to 18 months in prison on charges of tax evasion, of which he serves 13 months at the Danbury Correctional facility.
  • June 14 - Birth of daughter Jeung Jin.
  • July 1 - 2075-Couple Blessing in Madison Square Garden, New York.
  • October 14 - 6000-Couple Blessing
  • Founding of the Middle East Times, weekly newspaper in the Middle East.
  • Founding of the American Constitution Commitee (ACC). Later this becomes the American Freedom Coalition and still later the American Family Coalition (AFC).
  • Summit Council for World Peace. This was the precursor to the Federation for World Peace, a forum for former heads of state and sitting heads of government.[6]
  • October 30 - 6500-Couple Blessing.
  • Founding of the Segye Times, Korean daily newspaper.[7]
  • Founding of Sun Moon University in 1989 in Cheonan, Korea, including the former Sunghwa Theological Seminary.[8]
  • January 12 - 1275-Couple Blessing, with participants from missionary countries.

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