A new spirit body through pikareun

From Sun Myung Moon Archive
Commentaries and critiques(2 C, 4 P, 5 F)

Pak, Wol Yong told her followers she had sex with Jehovah and received a new spiritual body through it.

Sometimes people have spiritual experiences in a sexual manner. For example, their spirit body could have sex with an angel or a spirit. Some of these spirits claim to be gods. Likely this was the case with the spirit with whom Wol Yong Pak had sex. When someone does such things, it often happens that they lose control over their own spirit body. Their spirit body is taken out and replaced by that of another spirit. This is how evil spirits often manage to possess the bodies of people on earth. They make it look great but in reality, such evil spirits acting as if deities, use sexual temptation to destroy the lives of people who are spiritually sensitive and morally naive.