Balancing the content of a page

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When you make a page, you may have pre-formatted sections from a template you're using, and also sections that you added yourself. Sections that often appear on a page, in this order, are:

  • Gallery
  • See also
  • Library
  • References
  • External links

There could also be sections that contain Iframes or tables with Iframes.

You should make sure that there is good balance between the content of these sections. Of course, you must also use the sections how they are meant to be used, see also Sections - Order of rank on a page.

Some rules

  • Do not fill the page with too many Iframed content! Choose wisely what you wish to embed.
  • If you want to include information from other sites, there are a few ways of doing it:
    • First, you can draw or cite from this content in the text that you write, and then make a reference with a link to the web page where you got the content.
    • Second, you can use the External links section. Do not only make a link but also add a short summary of the content of the web page you're linking to.
    • Third, you can embed content into Iframes.
  • The Library section should contain links only to books, documents, audio and videos that are stored, uploaded either in SMMA or SMMA2.
  • Try to include images inside the text that you write, instead of just dumping them in the Gallery section.
  • When your page gets too long, or there is content in it that would deserve its own page, then make that new page. Make sure that you cross link the two pages. The format for linking from a section on the parent page to another page is:

:''Main article: [[NewPageName]]''