How to deal with propaganda

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Often we come across books, articles, images etc. that clearly have the character of propaganda to promote an agenda for or against Moon. How to deal with this? Several options are available.

  • Write a super scripted comment with the article or file or image that you, for example, embedded in an SMMA page. Something like: This article reads as propaganda written by a follower of Moon. See for instance: Sun Moon University#Sun Moon University - Wikip 150706.pdf.
  • DO NEVER MAKE PAGES with titles that contain propaganda.
  • Files are different from pages in that uploaded files do not represent the website SMMA. Therefore you can be more tolerant in accepting titles that contain phrases or words of propaganda.
  • Refer to one of the pages in Category:Brief pointed commentaries or Category:Commentaries and critiques. If no applicable critique exists, consider to write it yourself.
  • Bottomline is: We want to be fair and objective in how we report about Sun Myung Moon, his organizations and also anti-groups. The energy of what we write or post should express our neutrality.