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Help(6 C, 4 P, 9 F)

Here is the code for an image that is commonly placed at the top of a wiki page:
[[File:Caraway Koeh-172.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Caraway]]

The file you use needs to have been uploaded to this wiki (click Upload file in the left bar). You must use the prefix 'File:'

The above code gives the following result:


100px instead of 250px: [[File:Caraway Koeh-172.jpg|100px|thumb|right|Caraway]]


Without caption:[[File:Caraway Koeh-172.jpg|100px|right|thumb]]

Caraway Koeh-172.jpg

Without thumb and without caption:[[File:Caraway Koeh-172.jpg|100px|right]]

Caraway Koeh-172.jpg

Place a link to an external website to make a clickable image: [[File:Caraway Koeh-172.jpg|100px|link=]]

gives: Caraway Koeh-172.jpg

When you want to make sure that a new section, subsection or paragraph ends below the image, rather than next to it, you place this break code behind the image code. <br clear="all"/> or, using a template, {{brc}}

More help for images