Iwasawa, Haruhiko

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Japanese UC members(18 C)

Iwasawa, Haruhiko
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Number 307
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Date of birth 1951 - January - 22
Date of death
Tags Leaders, CAUSA
Nationality Japanese
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Lives in Asunción, Paraguay.

From Chigasaki, Kanagawa.

Covert Action in 1985: "A representative of the Moon sect had come to Bolivia at the end of the 1960s. On the thirteenth floor of the Jazmin building in La Paz an Asian named Harumiko Iwasawa sat with some Americans and no one seemed to know what they were actually doing there.

It was not until 1983 that the Bolivian Ministry of the Interior and Bolivian journalists determined that the gentlemen from the Moon sect -as well as others- had invested about $4 million into the preparation of the coup. Membership lists of the political Moon organization "Causa" were found. At the top of the lists were the names of almost all the leading military personnel who, at the same time, had been honoring the swastika in [Klaus] Barbie's lodge". Even junta leader García had been converted to the "Moonies" for a time. Barbie was skeptical of the sect's activities but had to accept the Moon people as allies."

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