Templates for frequent use

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Help(6 C, 4 P, 9 F)

When subst: is placed in front of the template name, it means that the source code in the template will become visible and usable after you saved the page and re-opened it.
  • {{brc}} to make a complete break after this
  • {{Concise}} on 'Concise help instructions' pages
  • {{subst:Cattree}} to enter a Category Tree at the top right of a page
  • {{subst:Gallery}} to make a photo gallery
  • {{subst:Iframe}} to show the content of another url inside a frame
  • {{subst:Iframes in table}} to make a table with embedded images
  • {{subst:Patroltalk}} to place a warning on a user's talk place that correction is needed for edits he or she made
  • {{subst:Sections page}} to enter the elements and section titles that are normally used at each page.
  • {{TOC right}} to force a Table of Contents on this location and at the right side of the page
  • {{Todos}} Gives a table with the most recent To-do list for all users.