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  • After serving 34 months of his sentence, Moon was liberated from the labor camp by UN troops that had advanced into North Korea in the Korean War. After that he spends 40 days searching for his disciples.
  • January 28 - He arrives in Pusan, South Korea.
  • May 10 - The first version of Moon's teachings are published, Wolli Wonbon[1] . It was co-written with Hyo Won Eu, one of the first disciples.[2][3]
  • Moon divorced his wife Choi, Sun Kil[4]. Other reports say the divorce was on 8 January 1957[5].
  • Moon changes his birth name Yong Myung to Sun Myung. Yong means dragon. Myung means bright.[6]
  • Wolli Won Bon organized with the help Mr. Eu and Won Pil Kim and initially distributed to the members in the form of hand written notes.[7]

  • March - Moon and his followers move to Seoul.
  • May 1 - Founding of the Unification Church, or The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity.[8]
  • Birth of son Hee Jin.
  • Moon is brought up on charges of 'Bigamy and Draft Dodging' and exonerated.[7]
  • May 11 - October 10 - Excerpts from the Diary of Mr. Hyo Won Eu from 1955.[9]
  • Young Oon Kim, a trained theologian who was recruited by Mr. Moon from EWHA University[10] was tasked (along with David Kim) with providing the 1st English translation of Wolli Won Bon with the help of an Australian Apostolic minister by the name of Joseph McCabe.[7]
  • July - Pioneer Unification Church missionaries are sent out to 116 cities and towns throughout Korea.
  • August 15 - Publication of Wolli Haesul (Explanation of the Divine Principle), prepared by Hyo Won Eu.[11]
  • Missionaries are sent to Japan.
  • 1958 - Early and prominent followers in this time are: Bo Hi Pak, Papa San Choi, Young Whi Kim, David Kim, and Young Oon Kim.
  • Papa San Choi starts evangelizing Japan
  • Missionaries are sent to the United States (Young Oon Kim), and then Europe.
  • Divorce from his wife Choi Sunkil.

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