Commentary:Moon's views on America in the late 1950s

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Reading through some of the speeches that Moon gave in the late 1950s, it becomes clear that already in that early stage of his mission he has been very critical of America. He criticizes America's materialism, and its lack of family culture, but it gives the feeling that he spoke more out of Korean pride than real concern and love for American people.

Of course, he exaggerates, and is unfair towards Americans when he writes:

As for people like Americans, they have no parents, no children and no relatives. Because of this, many people even desert their country. Furthermore, many people follow a religion purely for their own profit and abandon it when there is no more to gain.[1]

What is also remarkable is that already in those years he defends the Renaissance and even Communism because they would have 'awakened' a culture that became too materialistic.[2][3] His hatred against America makes him accuse America and makes him blind for the reality of the evils of communism. Where does his hatred against America come from? Does he blame America for the fact that Korea got split? Does he think in the way that North Koreans blame America for problems in Korea?

What i also note is that he builds on Jesus and his vision to build a kingdom of heaven. He mentions the failures of Christianity in history, but he does not hold Jesus responsible for this in any way.

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