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  • May 15 - 33-Couple Blessing, forming 36 couples with the three couples blessed one year earlier.
  • December 3 - Birth of son Hyo Jin.[1]
  • June 4 - 72-Couple Blessing
  • July 24 - 124-Couple Blessing
  • July 27 - Birth of daughter Hye Jin.
  • August 4 - Death of daughter Hye Jin.
  • Founding of the International Foundation for Victory Over Communism(IFVOC).
  • Founding of the International Conference on the Unity of Sciences.[8]
  • February 22 - 430-Couple Blessing.
  • The 'Red Book' is published. It is a Divine Principle book written by Young Oon Kim.[9]
  • 43-Couple Blessing, held in Japan, the US, England. First group of non-Koreans to receive the Blessing.
  • His son Hee Jin dies in a train accident in Seoul.
  • April 10 - Birth of son Hyun Jin.[10]

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