Commentary:The meaning of the Blessing

From Sun Myung Moon Archive
This commentary links from 1960s.

The blessing means to have become an adopted child in the lineage of SMM and HJH.

There is a universal principle for restoration of adopted children into a family of parents who take a more heavenly position. This principle is that the condition of the adopted children will depend on their unity with the real-born children. IF the real-born children fulfill their heavenly mission, and IF the adopted children fulfill their mission of protection and support, THEN the adopted children can inherit the same legacy as the real-born children. There is an IF-THEN clause there.

So IF the real-born children fail, for whatever reason, the whole system breaks down.

Then there is the question about the meaning of the blessing.

The archangel Gabriel stated facts about this blessing in 1960. He of course was present at this event. He said that he knew that heaven wanted SMM to marry, and with him three of his disciples.

This marriage was intended to restore SMM's individual 21-year course, which had come there at the top of the growth stage, which had not been fulfilled, and which now had to be restored in a marriage and a family 21-year course. Three, THREE disciples had been allowed by heaven to marry with him and to go a similar course.

But SMM married 36 with him, and did not leave it to that. Eventually he passed on his blessing to thousands, millions, billions if the spirit world is included and his statements about this are believed or correct.

Was it the Marriage of the Lamb? Gabriel smiled about that because he knew nothing of this kind.
It was a restoration marriage.

The 'Blessing' if received by whoever means to have inherited this restoration marriage. This 'Blessing' is supposedly the 2nd Blessing, and if it were a real 2nd Blessing it should be given after fulfillment of the 1st Blessing. Instead it is given, ideally at the top of the growth stage, but realistically at any possible stage, however low that stage may be. That makes it clear that what is inherited is a restoration blessing, or if the partners in the blessing did not reach the top of the growth stage, it may not even fulfill that qualification, and is just a marriage like any other, except that the recipients of that blessing will inherit the legacy of SMM and HJH.

Restoration blessing

Restoration blessing means that you need your children for your restoration, and for the fulfillment of your First Blessing. It's unlike a 2nd Blessing that followed fulfillment of the First Blessing. In that case you managed your own individual restoration before acquiring the Second Blessing.

From a positive viewpoint, you got a whole lot of guidance and principles and inherited good traits and spiritual foundations from the lineage of SMM and HJH. From a more negative viewpoint, as much as there came problems in the restoration blessing of SMM and HJH, you inherit these, have to overcome these.

Actually, the problem in all this is not so much that SMM hasn't explained about this as well. I'm actually just repeating what he has explained over the years concerning the meaning of the Blessing.The problem is that although he explained these principles, there also came a sense that this blessing were much higher, much more than it really was. It's typically a case of 'chosen people' syndrome.