Choi, Jae Soon

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Korean UC members(60 C)

Choi, Jae Soon
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Number 288
Full name
Other names Ju Yeon Amrine
Date of birth
Date of death
Nationality South Korean
Short biography
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Family Federation for World Peace and Unification INTERNATIONAL
12F Dowon Bldg., 292-20 Dohwa-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 121-040
481 Eighth Avenue, Suite 916
New York, NY 10001, USA

To: Continental Directors, Regional and National Leaders, National Messiahs
From: FFWPU International President
Re: Unauthorized spiritual group in our movement
Date: October 09, 2000

We pray for God's blessing on all of your hard work.

1. We would like to inform you of an unauthorized spiritual group that leads members astray from the legitimate tradition of faith centered on True Parents and distorts the meaning of the providence. Leaders in all levels must give members the right guidance.

Unauthorized Spiritual Group and their Members: Belongs to the Washington Korean Church (KEA)

1. Jae Soon Choi (Ju Yeon Amrine)
2. Do Soon Cha (Do Soon Maketa)
3. Chung Ok Kim (Mi Sun Sices)
4. Kyung Soon Yoo (Kyung Soon Garau)
5. Sun Hwa Park (Sun Ah Berry)
6. Hyung Joong Yoon (Hyung Joong Reddin)
7. Myra Stanecki

2. True Parents Direction: True Father spoke strongly against the spiritual phenomena involving those people mentioned above on September 23, during the 21-day registration workshop. Father refused to allow them to participate in the Four Position Foundation Registration Blessing Ceremony at that time.

Chung Hwan Kwak, IIFWP International President
Sun Jo Hwang, FFWPU International President Jeung Og Yu, FFWPU Japanese Chairman
Chang Shik Yang, FFWPU North American Continental Director
* - 2000 October 9 - Unauthorized Spiritual Group in Our Movement

Unauthorized Spiritual Group

In Hoi Lee Addition to letter from International Headquarters - dated Oct. 9 October 13, 2000

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many members have been concerned about a prayer group's spiritual activities and their isolation from the Washington, D.C. Church since the latter part of 1998. This prayer group, centered on Mrs. Ju Yeon Amrine, was formed and has been active in prayers for the past several years. Since Father's 80th Birthday this prayer group became more aggressive even though numerous times they were asked to discontinue their activity. Finally Father gave clarification to them directly in Korea during the 21-day workshop. Through this communication I would like to clarify several things as follows:

1. Father clearly stated in Korea recently at the 21-day workshop that this prayer group has not been authorized with their particular spiritual phenomenon.

2. The purpose of this letter is not to stand in judgement, but to convey clearly Father's desire for them to discontinue their activity and unite with True Parents recent providential directions. Therefore, brothers and sisters we hope that you will consider them as part of our community, embracing and praying for their family.

3. On the other hand, let me be absolutely clear, no one from our community is recommended to join this prayer group or become involved with their spiritual activities.

It will take time for them to cleanse what they have been doing for the past several years and come back to a healthy spiritual life. With patience, love and forgiveness our community of faith will be healed.

God Bless You and Your Family,

Rev. In Hoi Lee

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