Choi, Won Pok

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Choi, Won Pok
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Number 8
Full name Choi, Won Pok
Other names
Date of birth 1916
Date of death 2006-January-15
Nationality South Korean
Short biography Won Pok Choi left her husband and children to join the UC in December 1954. Won Pok Choi is the mother of Joon Ho Seuk.

Won Pok Choi has been a very close aid to Sun Myung Moon. She had left her husband and young children to join the UC in December 1954. Won Pok Choi is the mother of Joon Ho Seuk

1916 May 4: (lunar calendar) Born as the only daughter of Mr. Choi Ki-hong and Mrs. Yu Hwa-sook in Kaeseong,Kyunggi Province.

1923 - 1929: Kaeseong Girls Public General School

1929 – 1933: Kaeseong Hosudon Girls High School

1929 Participated in Kwang-ju student movement, went to prison for 40 days because of planning Kaeseong student's independent movement

1933 – 1937: Seoul Ehwa Women's University English Department

1937 – 1949: Ehwa Women's University Graduate School, instructor, lecturer and work as vice professor and went to the United States as exchange professor invited by American general affair bureau.

1938 Married when she was in graduate school and had 3 sons Mo Jing Seuk, Joon Ho Seuk and Il Jing Seuk.

1950 – 1952: America, University Michigan Graduate School English Philology,

1953 – 1955: Ehwa Women's University professor and director of students

1954 Joined HSA-UWC

1956 - 1958: Seoul women's medical school (Now Useok University) lecturer. during the break, she went witnessing abroad

1965 - She joined Sun Myung Moon on his first, second and third world speaking tour.

1972 - 1977: Responsible for World Mission Department in American HQ and doing education, counseling

1977 - 1987: Sunhwa Arts Middle High School principal

1988 -2006: Sunhwa Arts Middle High School honorary principal and Sunhwa School Foundation director, Foreign student in Korea education center (World international blessed family's children education center) principal

1991 – 1992: The first president of the Asian Peace Women's Federation

1992 – 1994: The first president of WFWP

1994 – 1999: Sunhak scholarship foundation first chief director

1994 - 2006: WFWP honorary president

1998 June 13: Blessed with Buddha spiritually in Madison square garden in New York.

2006 January 15: Ascended to the spirit world in her house in Ilsan at 2:35 p.m. at the age of 91.


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1969: Mr. and Mrs. Moon near the holy ground in Paris with Mr. and Mrs. Reiner Vincenz and Mrs. Won Pok Choi. Mrs. Won Pok Choi is bottom row right.[1]
1975: Mr. and Mrs. Moon in Vaucresson, France, with Mr. Henri Blanchard and Mrs. Won Pok Choi. [2]
Mrs. Won Pok Choi in 1979[3]


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