Moon, Sun Myung

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Moon, Sun Myung(3 P, 4 F)

Moon, Sun Myung
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Number 1
Full name Moon Sun Myung
Other names Moon Yongmyung
Date of birth 1920 - February - 25
Date of death 2012 - September - 03
Tags Religious leaders, Entrepreneurs, Sexual issues, Moon's children, Moon's wives, Unification Church, Fishing
Nationality South Korean
Short biography

Sun Myung Moon is widely known as the founder of the Unification Church.

Sun Myung Moon last marriage was with Hak Ja Han. They have 14 children.

Previously he had been married to Sun Kil Choi from 1945 until 1957. They had 1 child.

Sun Myung Moon has also fathered children with Myung Hee Kim and Annie Choi.

Followers of the Unification Church are revering Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han as the "True Parents". Their children are called the "True Children" and their family is called the "True Family".

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