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The Eight Textbooks of Sun Myung Moon

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Prior to his death on September 2, 2012, Sun Myung Moon organized his “last words I will give to humankind,” into eight textbooks which he believed captured the essence of his teachings. He believed and stated that these eight textbooks constituted the official cannon of his life’s work and admonished his followers that by studying the collection the will of God would be realized on the Earth.

Below are Rev. Moon’s remarks about this collection.

“True Parents have already prepared the last words I will give to humankind. These have been prepared based on my triumphs over six or seven life-or-death situations, including six periods of unjust imprisonment. I am leaving behind eight textbooks and teaching materials for humankind to use for all eternity. Altogether, these are published in almost a thousand volumes. These are textbooks you will have to read and study even after you go to the spirit world. They are not just teachings that come from the mind of one person; they are textbooks and teaching materials that teach the heavenly way that God has granted to His suffering children for their salvation.” — Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self, 2012. 1. 8-15

You must fulfill the content of the Pyeong Hwa Hoon Gyeong. This is more important than the constitution. I’m emphasizing these words, is there someone who says he will live according to this? It’s not this content that is fake, you are fake. You have to know that. Do you understand? (571-42, 2007. 8. 4)

“These are the Scriptures, Constitution, Textbook of Cheon Il Guk and my final words presented to pitiful mankind.”

  1. The Sermons of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon

  2. Exposition of the Divine Principle, 1996

  3. Cheon Seong Gyeong [Heavenly Scripture]
  4. The Cheon Il Guk Family Pledge
— Nation of cosmic peace and unity pledge
  5. Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong (Peace Messages 1 - 17)
  6. True Family—Gateway to Heaven

  7. Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage

  8. World Scripture


Eight Great Textbook Teaching Materials

An official publication of the Unification Church prior to Foundation Day that describes the official status of the eight textbooks Sun Myung Moon presented as the most essential collection of his teachings and his final bequeathal to mankind. Here are presented the powerpoint slides. (If we can find a copy of the script that accompanied this presentation, we’ll publish it here).

Difficulties with Changing the Cheon Il Guk Scripture Ignoring True Father’s Eight Great Textbooks

Shortly after his death, Moon’s wife Hak Ja Han directed church historians to undertake a massive editing of the eight textbooks. This effort has led to schisms in the church. This presentation assembled by Hyun Jin Moon, is a collection of criticisms provoked by Mrs. Moon’s editorial decisions which he claims contradict Sun Myung Moon’s alleged last wishes.

Unification Church officials had Young Whi Kim respond to Hyun Jin:

President Kim said “True Mother represents True Parents,” and added, “It clearly states in the Bible, “Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven.” This is crucial. Those who do not acknowledge the value of True Mother cannot stand before God. There is no way that they can be forgiven.”


It begins to feel better now. I can see that while you're working with these books you tend to fall back into the spirit of how you related to these books in the past. That feeling is still noticeable in the latest version of the page. For example, a red link with a title containing the word 'True Father.' That may be unavoidable in quoted texts but when we make our own titles, we should change it. You should not even write down such words while you are preparing stuff, because it will bring you under Moon.

Put yourself in the chair of an editor at an independent newspaper and think how you would write about these books. Would you care what Moon thinks about 'God's will' being fulfilled by reading these books, or would you rather try to find some critical or even ridiculing words about this, without losing your neutrality?

When i read what Moon says about these books, it makes me ROFL, it's such an expression of megalomania. His books, especially those of the later years, are so totally full with lies and show an attitude of looking down on and offending God. When i read his later speeches and i put myself in the shoes of a judge at God's Court, i would demand capital punishment for his arrogance and betrayal of God. Fact is, he has betrayed God and he already has received the verdict of capital punishment by the Heavenly Court of Justice in the spirit world.