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User:Beatus Vir
Photo albums on FB-SMMA Need uploading to SMMA 150701
Online seminars Look into this. Prepare online seminars 150701 This is software to make this on own computer
Timelines Fill the timelines 150701 - 2000s
- 1940s done - Steve Dufour wikipedia timeline
Cartoons Cartoons making maybe with application, drawings... 150701 Example
Write critique This article stinks. Is written out of resentment against Moon. Some of it is true, but not everything. 150915 Private:HWDYKYM - Song Do Kim, the woman who created the Divine Principle
Pikareun article & relations UC - North Korea Write it. Advise: Do research with the form! 150701 Setting up a research project
Get started! ... with helping to fill the site and learning to do it... 150701
17 files in SMMA2 Make pages for each in SMMA 150703
8 Textbooks Format & output interactive, searchable versions of the "8 Great Textbooks" 150615 Eight textbooks of Sun Myung Moon
Korean Shamanism in the UC Create Research page, collect articles and resources on this topic 150707
Foundation Day Assemble & analyze documents relating to the run up to Foundation Day. Identify hidden doctrine as sourced from UC official memos 150714
Brief Pointed Critique World Scriptures 1 v. 2 150715
History of Divine Principle Did SMM discover DP alone or did he plagarize from others? 280715
When did SMM become God? Did Moon believe that he was God? What did he say about it? Does the UC say this? 280715
CIG Constitution Current status, amendments, criticism 280715
Who owns the Blessing? Schisms are forming over the controversial matter of who can preside over the Blessing 280715
Copyright Reference What is copyright? What is fair use? What can we use? What can we not use? 160915


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